About Molly's Best Distribution – Molly's Best Canada

About Molly's Best Distribution

Molly’s Best Canada is a distributor of Grab & Go Snacks in Canada.

Hi, my name is Harvey Goldstein, the boots-on-the-ground guy you want on your team to distribute your products. I love showing up in person at all the retailers around town here in Montreal, Ottawa & Toronto ( and surrounding areas! ). So many have become trusted clients ~ I love bringing new, delicious snacks & dropping off deliveries. Throughout the week, my delivery team will drop off as well if I can’t get there myself.

Molly's Best is now distributing to over 125 retailers and only fantastic products!

Working with me is easy; I’m on the ground and have tons of great ideas ( hey, I’m out there ALL the time! And I go to the Food Fairs to see what’s new, hot & trending, too ). You’ll get personalized attention, and fast communication & your sales will grow as my network of accounts trust me & my recommendations.

Want to have a chat? I’m always enthusiastic about delicious snacks and getting them out there in the market where they can be enjoyed by everyone.


Harvey Goldstein


Or email me at harveyg1@outlook.com