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About Us

The idea of Molly’s Best was started in our home kitchen. 

Not surprising as my wife, Nancy and I are foodies!  We spent many nights cooking, talking and laughing.  We love to travel as well; a big part of our travel revolves around food. 

Besides being a foodie, I am also crazy about Golf.  It’s my passion. 

During one of my weekly golf games this spring, the boys and I stopped at the cantina after 9 holes.  I wanted to grab a snack before getting back to my game but the healthy choices were so limited.  That stayed with me.  It didn’t make sense, golf is a great sport.  We were outside getting fresh air.   We should be snacking on something nutritious as well.

Healthy food choices at the golf course…the concept was born.

I started looking in the market for some options but nothing excited me.

That’s when Nancy suggested we create our own.  After months of experimenting, cooking, and researching, we developed the perfect blend of delicious wholesome, natural ingredients.  We knew we had an amazing granola when every bite kept us coming back for more.  We created a healthy product we loved; a delicious, nutritious, chewy snack size granola that tastes amazing.

The name of our granola was the easiest part of the process.  Molly is our first granddaughter.  She is the sweetest, most delicious kid around, a true blessing. 

And now Molly’s Best is expanding its offerings, as we are now the exclusive distributors for GOLF GUM in Canada ~
Want to win like Tiger Woods?? That’s why!!
Want some of Molly’s Best delicious Granola, Golf Gum Canada's cutting edge boost for your golf game??? Or try Apollo Energy Gum for your active lifestyle.

There is no other better motivation than creating delicious goodness for our family, friends & loved ones.

Harvey, Nancy and of course, Molly 

Harvey Goldstein