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Steve & Andy's Cookie Story

The story behind in the incredible Steve & Andy's Cookies

Who we are…

Owners Steve Marino and Arjan (Andy) Khiani are about that life. Together they live organic and gluten-free personally and, through Steve & Andy’s Organics, professionally. The two met over twenty years ago while individually excelling in their creative careers of beauty and fashion.

What we do…

As each other’s confidant, they soon discovered a mutual passion for food and cooking, often co-creating meals for friends and family. Steve brought all of his Italian-Canadian baking prowess and Andy, a world of spices and flavors from his birth country of India.

How we do it…

In February 2012, Steve and Andy launched Steve & Andy’s Organics. What began with one product line – candied organic orange and lemon peels – has grown into preserves, cookies, flour and more; all organic, all gluten free, some even vegan. Every day Steve and Andy relish the opportunity to create more clean foods for customers looking to live a more sustainable life.